David Allen | Stonegate Community Association of Scottsdale, Arizona
David Allen
1st Term 1st Year
Jim Bissonett | Stonegate Community Association of Scottsdale, Arizona
Jim Bissonett
1st Term 1st Year
Jamie Headshot from Wedding
Jamie Snedaker
1st Term 2nd Year
Nancy Ford | Stonegate Community Association of Scottsdale, Arizona
Nancy Ford
1st Term 1st Year
Gene Evans | Stonegate Community Association of Scottsdale, Arizona
Gene Evans
2nd Term 2nd Year
Rob Fishman
2nd Term 1st Year
Eli Gruber photo
Eli Gruber
1st Term 2nd Year


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Board President: David Allen

Board Vice President: Jim Bissonett

Board Treasurer: Jamie Snedaker

Board Secretary: Nancy Ford

Board Director: Gene Evans

Board Director: Rob Fishman

Board Director: Eli Gruber

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Extension: 13

BOOKKEEPER: Annette Ringer
Extension: 15

Extension: 12

Extension: 10



Meets at 9 am the first and third Wednesdays of each month. The Committee reviews applications submitted by residents who wish to make changes to the exterior of their property. These changes may include exterior painting, door and wall colors, security doors, pools, play structures, basketball structures and satellite dishes. The Committee also reviews and makes recommendations on proposed enhancements to Stonegate’s common areas.
The Committee seeks to preserve Stonegate’s aesthetic value and administers its decisions based on the Architectural Guidelines that supplement the CC&Rs.
Current Committee Members:

  • Eli Gruber, Chair and Board Director
  • Marion Cohen
  • Alexandra Cotton
  • Carole Dolohanty
  • John Gianforte
  • Karen Weston

Meets at 4:00 p.m. on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

Finance Committee Structure and Responsibility

The Treasurer is the Chairman of the Finance Committee. The Committee will consist of not less than 5 members and not more than 7 members, which are appointed by the Board within 60-days of the Annual Meeting each year. Not more than 3 members may be Board Members. Committee members serve at the pleasure of the Board.

Candidates will submit a brief biography background demonstrating their financial and/or investment experience, which will be presented to the Board. Selection will be based on experience, diversity and availability to attend Committee meetings. Prior to being approved as a Committee member, each applicant shall attend 3 consecutive Committee meetings. Upon completion of that, the Committee shall decide if the applicant meets the criteria for Committee membership. If the candidate has the training, credentials, and experience as an accounting executive which is critical to the operation of the Committee, the Treasurer may ask the Board for immediate approval.

A Confidentiality Agreement is required to be signed. Three unexcused absences from regular meetings may be grounds to remove the Committee member. The Executive Director and the Accounting Manager shall attend all meetings.

The Finance Committee will meet monthly on a date and time selected by the Treasurer.

The responsibility of the Committee is to review the Staff prepared Financial Statements, Drafts of the Annual Operating Budget, Reserve Budget as well as the Reserve Study and recommend to the Board for acceptance.

The Treasurer will review all monthly bank and investment statements, audit reconciliations, and report to the Board and Finance Committee of his/her findings. The Treasurer will have an annual audit performed by a CPA firm. The results of the audit will be presented to the Committee and Board at a joint meeting.

The Treasurer will be responsible for determining and assuring the Association that all cash and investments are properly held in banks or brokerage customer accounts which give the Association access to those assets and preclude the holders from using them for their own purposes.

Current Committee Members:

  • Jamie Snedaker, Chair and Board Treasurer
  • Nancy Ford, Board Secretary
  • Eli Gruber, Board Director
  • Patrick Dolohanty
  • Myron Picoult
  • Tom Schaefer

Meets at 3:00 p.m. on the 2nd Thursday of each month. This Committee ensures that Stonegate’s physical amenities and common areas, including sidewalks, streets, buildings, recreational facilities and landscaping are being properly maintained. They deal with proposals and bids from general and specialized contractors, landscapers and painters.
Current Committee Members:

  • Rob Fishman, Chair and Board Director
  • Charles Burtner
  • Carolyn Norris
  • John Osgood

Meeting times and dates are tailored to fit the schedules of Committee members. This independent Committee of homeowners is approved by the Board of Directors to oversee Stonegate’s elections. The Committee normally meets from September through March in order to identify and select possible candidates for the annual election to fill open Board seats. Occasionally the Board will direct the Committee to work on a special project or election.
Current Committee Members:

  • Christy Mooney
  • Pat Osbourne
  • Tom Schaefer
  • Barry Spector
  • Dan Smith
  • Karen Weston
  • Lisa Zirbel

Meets at 5:00 p.m on the 1st Thursday of each month.


Purpose: To advise and assist the Board in developing and operating a community leisure-time comprehensive program for all age groups and interests.


  1. Develop an annual social and activity plan for Stonegate. Present annual plan and proposed budget to the Board for consideration and approval.
  2. Review requests from the Manager or Association members for items not in the current fiscal budget.
  3. Coordinate with Management to promote social activities via email, flyers, newsletters and website.
  4. Assist in the running of social functions.
  5. Submit event reconciliation within 10 days of each event including an expense and income report and the number of attendees.
  6. Perform such other functions as directed by the Board.


The Social Committee shall be composed of no less than three Stonegate residents who shall be in good standing throughout the term of office. The Committee shall have an odd number of members.

Experience: None required.

Meetings: The Committee will meet monthly. The Committee chairperson shall attend Board meetings to answer questions related to the written report.

Reporting: The Committee will prepare written minutes and/or monthly written or oral reports on its on-going Requirements.

Newsletter: The Committee shall provide regular updates for a newsletter to promote social activities.

Reports To: The Board of Directors.

Term: One year, with terms expiring at the annual meeting.

The Committee’s budget will be determined by the Board of Directors annually based on the approved requests from the Chair.  Major expenses will be billed to and paid by the Association directly after review by the Executive Director.  Other expenses incurred personally by the Committee Chair and other members will be submitted for reimbursement to the Executive Director by the Committee Chair.

Current Committee Members:

  • Robert Fishman, Chair Board Director
  • Danielle Johnson
  • Sarah Snedaker
  • Kimberly Tomlinson

Meets at 4 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month. The responsibility of the Committee is to generate rules for the amenities. The Committee will address infractions that occur during amenity use, hear the parties involved and work to find resolution.
Current Committee Members:

  • Sherre Phillips, Chair
  • Gene Evans, Board Director
  • Holly Barone
  • Janny Chan
  • Jodi Geiger
  • Ellen Mandinach
  • Ann Milke