Please call (480) 391-9760


SCA uses access control software known as QuickPass. A username & password is provided to you for your initial use of the program and you may change your password at any time. The password is case sensitive. Please review your contact information to insure the correct information has been provided. The gate personnel will utilize the QuickPass system to authorize entry to your guests and vendors, so it is important that the information entered is accurate.


On the My Account page, you can change your e-mail address, if necessary. The gate can't communicate with you by e-mail if they don't have the right address. You can also add or change phone numbers. There's plenty of room. You can add cell phones, work phones -- whatever you think the gate might need to reach you about an arriving visitor who was not pre-admitted. The order in which phones are listed is important. Normally, when seeking permission to admit, Safeguard will call the first number on the list. If you need to change it just for the afternoon, you can -- and then change it back as needed.
Vehicle Listings, Residents Listings: We are now asking for a listing of vehicles you own or regularly drive into Stonegate. This is helpful information, but not required. We are also asking that you list all residents in your home, even children, under the Residents category. This can be extremely helpful to gate personnel.
Visitor Listings are now broken up into several categories, some of which include time listings. A word of caution: If you specify 3:00 PM next Thursday for Aunt Mildred's arrival, that is exactly when QuickPass will make her name available to the gate personnel -- not one minute earlier. So it might be helpful to list her as coming in at 1:00 PM. That way she won't be turned away if she arrives early.
Permanent Visitors should include all guests and vendors who should be admitted automatically, at any time.
Duration Visitors are those who need access to your house for multiple days. They would include contractors working for you on a project, and houseguests. When their term is up, they drop off the list.
Temporary Visitors will be admitted for one day only. You may specify the day months in advance. So when you make that appointment with the piano tuner, you can arrange for his or her admittance right away.
Scheduled Events lets you list a group of people to be admitted for choir practice or a cub scout meeting at your house. After the event, they drop off the list. But you can easily arrange for the next meeting because those names will be down in the deleted visitors area.
There is one more important kind of admit: the kind that’s against the rules. Non-residents are not to have gate cards or clickers – nor is it allowable to go out to East Gate or Retreat Gate and click someone in.
About Admitting Vendors: Vendor hours are 7AM until 4PM Monday through Saturday. Work is to be completed by 5PM. Vendors are not admitted on Sundays or major holidays. Exceptions can be made for those whose work is entirely indoors, such as your housekeeper, caterers, or home health care attendant. Certain repairs are also exempt, particularly plumbing and HVAC emergencies. Vendors are not permitted to have use of a Stonegate card or clicker, even on a temporary basis. And it is not permissible to go out to East Gate or Retreat Gate and click your vendor in. If another resident sees you doing that, it's likely you will be reported and fined.
If you leave your gate card (or clicker) at home... It happens to everyone sooner or later, so even if it doesn’t happen to you often, you should know what to do:
  • Don’t go to the residents’ lane if you don’t have a card or a clicker.
  • Do go to the visitors’ lane. You’ll probably be asked for your code word.
  • Don’t expect the gate to just wave you through as you smile graciously from the passenger seat of Uncle Waldo’s ‘58 Edsel. Even if Mel normally recognizes you in the driver’s seat of your Lexus, you really do look like a different person surrounded by all that authentic original vinyl.
  • Be patient. Be nice. Remember that our Safeguard people do a very good job at something which is inherently not easy.


Stonegate’s main gate is manned 24/7. All vendors and guests must enter the community through the main gate. Stonegate has 3 other community gates that are for residents only. The gates are for access control only and are not for security purposes.